Fuerteventura Golf Club

Fuerteventura Golf Club, the first golf club on the island, is an 18 hole, par 71 round extending 6124 metres, with a mild descent from the Clubhouse Hotel towards the sea. The ground surrounding holes 17 and 18 is the steepest. 

The course excels for its simplicity and beauty, its main difficulties are generally associated with the breeze and its many lakes, connected by small brooks and channels, which can sometimes come into the game.

The dominating breeze comes from the north, and when it blows strongly, the course becomes a real test of a players skill. 

The golf course was designed by the prestigious architect Juan Catarimeau, who realised at once the importance of the effect of the wind and landscaped it with this factor in mind. For this reason we find extensive greens, on average more than 614 sq. m., and fairways of up to 50 metres wide. 

The course has many trees, but not on the fairways. The designer attempted to balance the number of difficult holes with the number of easier ones which some players can complete below par, so golf in Fuerteventura is open to golfers of all levels.