San Domenico Golf Club

Course Information

San Domenico Golf Club is located between the ancient city of Egnathia (5th B.C.) and the Savelletri marina. The course is flanked by the rocky lining of the Adriatic Sea to the east and the vegetable fields and olive groves to the west.

Created as a project of the European Golf Design of London (the PGA’s design company headed by Jeremy Slessor and signed by architect Andy Haggar), San Domenico Golf Club was created following the USGA’s highest standards. Even though the work of moving the earth and creating the necessary undulations was substantial and appropriate, its impact did not deform the landscape; rather, it established a way of harmoniously bringing nature and man together.

Among the various turf options, Bermuda grass was used for the fairway, the even Festuca was the choice for the roughs, and the classic pencross was selected for the greens, which stands out for its adaptability and resistance. The greens are extensive and even though they do not contain misleading slopes, they are not at all easy to tame.

San Domenico is a classic links course, characterised by the typical Mediterranean vegetation. Next to the low bushes of thyme, rosemary, sage and mint, sprout the ancient and uniquely beautiful olive trees, becoming the field’s emblem. The course’s backdrop is the sea, visible from all angles, while the scenery’s main player is the wind, blowing almost constantly all year long.

And for golfers who are interested in adding some cultural fair, let us remind you that the course is flanked by the ancient city of Egnathia, originally a Messapian centre which was subsequently taken over by the Romans. From the 8th hole, one can actually admire part of the necropolis, a site where ruins dating from the 5thC B.C. to the 3rdC A.D. were discovered. You can indeed witness the industry and culture of ancient times, ranging from the 7thC B.C. to the 8thC A.D., from a distance of only 200 metres!